In 1982 a area group got together to consisting of Tom Rush, Milton McKee, Gene Gergory, Dick Morris, Del Packard, John McNaull & Bonita McNaull with a genuine interest in the restoration farm tractors and machinery and displayed their equipment at the Montgomery School as part of  the Ashland County "Drive it Yourself Tour". This was a beginning, the group began showing at various locations in the county, including the Ashland County Fair. From this beginning , the Ashland County Yesteryear Machinery Club evolved and has been showing at the fair as a club since 1984. In addition, the the club has participated in and sponsored local parades. 

       By 1990 they they had form the Ashland County Yesteryear Machinery Club, they became a not for profit club with the state and elected officers. They held their first show at the Smith's Hickory Lake Campgrounds. These show were not well attended and in 1994 they were able to work out agreement to hold the show at The Ashland County - West Holmes Career Center.

       Over the years the club has given scholarship the Conservation Class and the Graphics class. We also buy livestock at the Ashland County  Fair and the Loudonville Free Street Fair to help support the youth of the county. They have also redone and added onto the cement block building and in 2011 built a pole building on the school grounds to be a home for the, 50 horse power Buckeye Engine that was built in 1926 in Lima, Ohio, that was donated to the club and restored  the club members Joe Krause, Del Gribben, Roger Swinford, Del Packard, Ron Bilger,Johnny Krichbaum (who ran the engine at the Ashland City Mill), John McNaull, Wayne and Dan Hart, plus Ben and Wes Canfield, they built the trailer to haul for transporting the engine. The club also built the loading dock at the east side of the parking lot. We also keep the trails trimmed so we can give wagon ride threw Byers Woods doing the annual show.

Gregg Allenbaugh -  Pres.

Jason Arnold - Secr.

Carl Fulmer - Treas.

Ken Booth

Ken Drushell

Jim Fish​

Harold Kinsey

Paul Lifer

Cliff Martin

George Smith

Rober Taylor

Brian Young

Tom Adams

Monthly Meeting held at The Ashland County - West Holmes

Career Center in the McGinnis Room at 7:00 PM

Unless other wise noted below

The second Wednesday of each month

​All meeting are open to public, we welcome your participation

2017 Meeting Dates:

June    14 - Grounds Work night- meet at Buckeye Building 6:00 PM

July       5 - Work night setup for show at Buckeye Building 6:00 PM

July       7 - Show set up

July 8 & 9 - 25th Annual Show

Aug.       9 - Directors Meeting  Buckeye Building  7:00 PM

Sept.     13 - Care in Dinner - Election of Officers - Common Area  7:00 PM

​Sept. 17 thru 23 -   Ashland County Fair at The McNaull Building

Oct.       11  - Director Meeting                  McGinnis Room          7:00 PM

Dec.             -  No meeting - Ashland FFA Toy Show  -  Ashland High School